Creating Spaces


Each commercial space is unique.

Every commercial space is much more than just a place for exchanges, it’s the scene where a firm transforms its philosophy into an experience, transferring the essence of a unique and different quality to every product: the company’s identity.

At Spasvital, we have an experienced background in the development of commercial spaces for renowned brands, integrating all the necessary resources to offer a fully tailored service, orientated towards creating a truly unique commercial space



Our first step is always to listen to the client, to gain a clear, detailed understanding of the needs their project requires. This will allow us to design a general plan of the process, in which our multidisciplinary team manages resources to ensure we achieve all the goals we set.

At Spasvital, our commitment to our projects starts at the roots, providing an efficient and effective communication system, adapted to your specific needs (in terms of space and availability), which is established with the project manager. The project manager’s role is to be the sole channel of communication between the client and the professionals involved, coordinating and supervising each different phase of your project with the rest of the team.

We are aware that every commercial site requires a different kind of project. Spasvital enables you to partially or totally manage the development of your project, depending on your specific requirements.



We work with professionals in every discipline, with extensive experience in planning, development, execution of construction and restoration work in the commercial sector.

● Department of Engineering and Architecture. This department is responsible for studying and indicating the client’s wishes in a detailed, comprehensive project, guaranteeing correct execution throughout.

● Department of Interior design. Committed to creating commercial spaces as an experience that brings together design and business strategy.

Teams of Building Experts. Specialized in their respective professions, our team will undertake the construction work, led by their experience as well as by the efficient guidance of the technical manager.

We also resolve bureaucratic and administrative tasks, such as obtaining licenses or permits, and connection of mains services and energy supplies.



We are aware of the enormous value of every brand on the market, as well as of the necessity for guarantees and coherence in harmony with your corporate image. To ensure all of this, we work hand in hand with our clients, studying their style guidelines in detail, considered as a series of elements, factors and characteristics that will determine communications, shaping brand identities as a unique and different value, its very essence.



At Spasvital, we understand that every commercial space requires specific furniture in accordance with its purpose and in harmony with company values.

We are specialists in the design, manufacture, assembly and installation of furniture, accessories and decorative elements for top-ranking retail, car industry and audiovisual firms, among others.

Over the years, we have fulfilled client requirements in different fields, developing furniture for trade fairs and exhibitions, concert halls, restaurants, medical clinics, laboratories…

We offer creative, innovative solutions, with constant analysis of market trends in order to offer each business the commercial equipment to facilitate improving profitability.

● Shop window design.

● Storage systems.

● Technical and decorative lighting projects.

● Integrated graphic platforms.

● Special floorings...



Throughout the whole process, rigourous tracking programmes are put in place to guarantee quality at each stage with attention to detail, immediately correcting any possible deviation or minimal flaw to attain an impeccable result.

Our commitment is to achieve a genuine, mutual lasting benefit visible in our client’s satisfaction. In this way, we show our appreciation of our clients’ custom.



Every commercial space needs to maintain its facilities and equipment to an optimum degree over time, thus preserving the image of its identity as an essential part of the services provided.

Spasvital provides maintenance on commercial sites, offering efficient solutions which contribute to securing the image and profitability of each business.

Over 80% of our clients use our maintenance service once the project is completed.

● Regular tracking of site conditions.

● Seasonal image changes.

● Inventory and stocktaking duties.

● Technical assistance.

● Supply and assembly of electrical material.

● Cleaning, disinfection and disinfestation services.

● Diagnosis of energy consumption.

● Security.



Spasvital offers logistical and storage management of your goods.

● Customs management.

● Transportation of goods by land, sea or air.

● Handling: classification, packaging and placement of goods.

● Storage space adapted to storing conditions and safety.

● Geographical distribution.

● Goods tracking from point of departure to destination.