Project Development


Transformation and improvement of spaces.

Commercial premises transformed into an spectacular home… An old warehouse converted into a bright, airy loft… A small boutique hotel built from a renovated old building...

Based on our experience and reliability, we tailor our planning and management of your renovations or alterations using a top management programme designed to provide optimum results.

Our aim is to bring our clients’ plans to life by putting all our efforts into offering professional solutions tailored to your specific requirements.




The transformation of a building comes from the need to modify internal spaces, to improve or transform these spaces following a specific plan which allows us to fulfill new expectations.

We offer a comprehensive service based on our experience and reliability to enable straightforward development of your project:

● Execution, interior design and decoration projects.

● Bureaucratic and administrative procedure management.

● Furniture removals and storage
   (before and after renovation).

● Project implementation.

● Utility connection.

● Maintenance.

Working closely with our clients enables us to accurately establish their specific needs in order to determine the guidelines required to achieve the desired result.

Our specialised technicians offer different solutions for each case in the search for functionality, design and innovation to achieve excellence.

Planning and execution are determined corresponding to established deadlines and objectives which are managed in strict accordance with the agreement reached between the client and Spasvital.

Execution of the project is managed by the Project manager who acts as the sole channel of communication between the parties involved. This allows the client to follow the progress of each stage of the project as well as ensuring delivery on schedule. The project manager’s mission is to coordinate the different experts on the team by supervising each operation in order to guarantee the level of quality and precision which are characteristic of our work.




Conservation of buildings is paramount to guarantee safety and habitability, thus avoiding the deterioration and consequent depreciation of a property. Our partial or total refurbishment projects give buildings and family homes a new lease of life.

The multidisciplinary training of our team, as well as their expertise, allows us to bring complete solutions to the table for a wide range of property types.

Our team of architects and technical consultants carry out the necessary initial study to determine the current state of the building which allows us to detect both the problems to be solved and their cause.

The renovation project prescribes the appropriate treatment to be applied, determining construction procedures as well as the necessary security measures.

Execution of the building work is coordinated and supervised by qualified technicians who ensure the strict application of the procedure, materials and specifications as stipulated in the project.




Each new refurbishment or renovation project gives us the opportunity to convey, with our outcomes, the high level of quality and efficiency we demand of ourselves as professionals. Throughout each different process, we pay attention to even the smallest of details during the whole process, thus further contributing to the accomplishment of project delivery.

Our motivation is to achieve a genuine, lasting, mutual benefit visible in client satisfaction. This is our most sincere way of thanking our clients for their custom.




Spasvital puts all the compulsory and optional documents at our clients’ disposal showing our commitment to carry out safe, responsible work:

● Rea.

● Civil Responsibility Insurance.

● Risk Prevention.

● Work-Related Accident Insurance.