Development of Residential Spaces


The art of building experiences.

A residential site emerges from the fusion of each person’s emotions, ideas and expectations to be brought together
in an ideal setting.

At Spasvital, every project begins on a blank page where, in direct collaboration with the client, we define a space created to satisfy the material, emotional and intellectual requirements of the client providing design, technique and structure.

From the first sketches until key handover, our commitment is to design and manage a suitable multidisciplinary team to develop a unique space.



In Spasvital, we understand the value of personal attention and for this reason, we establish client-driven communication based on the client’s specific needs, adapting to the particular circumstances dictated by place and time availability.

The first step is always to work closely with our clients, listening to their requirements and understanding their wishes and expectations. Professionals from the different disciplines study the project, evaluating the environmental, aesthetic and functional aspects of the location to begin defining the brief.

The team, comprising engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, interior designers and consultants, interprets and embraces the concept of each space with the client, establishing the execution plan through the previous procedures.



Once the execution project has been defined, we can design the entire programme incorporating the resources to be used in each phase and determining objectives and deadlines.

During project development, we provide the client with a communication channel through a sole interlocutor, the project manager, who, together with the rest of the team, tracks the development of the building process to ensure absolute technical rigour throughout its implementation. As the sole communication channel between the client and the professionals involved, the project manager’s mission is to coordinate and supervise each phase, immediately correcting any possible deviations or minimal flaws to ensure a perfect outcome




Design, as a tangible form of expressing creativity, is present in any process, from the initial architects’ sketches and the interior designers’ space distribution to the decorator’s choice of suitable furnishings.

Interior design

The experience of interior spaces is created through an interior design project.

Creative technical solutions are applied within a specific structure in order to optimise the quality of life of its occupants, applying distribution and functionality, connection and environmental influences, sensory perception, all factors which define the atmosphere where they merge.

The interior designer is involved in the project at an early stage to establish, together with the architect, the conceptual direction the client chooses.


In our decorating project, the spaces conceived by architecture and interior design, are created, based on the style chosen by the client.

Our decorator analyses the alteration of space taking into consideration factors such as light, materials, finish, fabrics, furniture and other accessories, creating an atmosphere in accordance with the personality and lifestyle of each client.


Through observation, design and modification of the visible aspects
of a site, our professional landscape designer creates a landscape using natural elements – trees, plants and bushes according to the factors which condition and support them such as light, climate, orientation
and soil.

The objective of a landscaping project is to create tailored natural environments, in harmony with the building and provide them with aesthetics and functionality defined by each client’s requirements.



Each new project presents us with the opportunity of creating a masterpiece which, over time, surpasses all expectations based on our client’s wishes and in accordance with the surroundings, using spaces which evoke those emotions and experiences which inspired its origin. Project delivery represents the achievement of a shared objective.

Our commitment is to achieve a genuine, mutual lasting benefit manifest in our client’s satisfaction. In this way, we show our appreciation for their custom.



Spasvital provides additional services as part of our fully comprehensive plan designed to simplify our client’s operational management.

Removals ans storage

We deal with all removal and storage features for our clients.
This guarantees adequate storage conditions and the safety of the client’s property.


We provide a logistics service, managing the transportation of the client’s furniture and other belongings from departure point to destination by land, air or sea, including any customs procedures.